To sleep perchance to dream

Last night I had another dream involving the person I admire who was the angel in the other dream I blogged about.  And again it was wonderfully comforting.

We were in a living room with a comfy battered blue sofa and overstuffed bookcases and were sat on the floor.  She held me so that my head was against her chest and I could hear her heartbeat.  Every touch and the sound of her heartbeat were so real that I woke still feeling her there.

She told me in the dream why she was glad to be my friend and why she had chosen my friendship.  She also told me that my constant knee problems bothered her and she wished she could take my physical and emotional pain away.

It was all so very vivid and real and I woke feeling better than I have in a long time although tired. So much so I wanted to thank her for her words. But I can’t.  It was after all,  just a dream.

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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