Hathor Hosts – how a Goa’uld is making pandemic life easier

I know I say it every week on one platform or another, but Suanne Braun’s Hathor Hosts on Instagram live really is a bright spark in the turmoil of pandemic life right now. It’s something that I look forward to every week without fail and I honestly cannot believe we are three months in already.Continue reading “Hathor Hosts – how a Goa’uld is making pandemic life easier”

Practicing Peaceful Empowerment with Pat Through Meditation

– or learning to ask the universe and yourself for answers to those tougher questions If you know me, you know that my approach to life is holistic. That I attack things from all corners and as my sister in Germany said to me today, I persevere. I don’t give up, and I succeed inContinue reading “Practicing Peaceful Empowerment with Pat Through Meditation”

A gathering of B5ers

An online convention? Are you nuts? That was my first thought when other convention companies chose to start broadcasting convention panels in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Let’s be honest, part of the thing we all love about science fiction conventions is the interaction. The way we get to see each other all dressedContinue reading “A gathering of B5ers”

Journeys – the most important book you’ll read in 2020

Today I received a copy of a book that back in 2018 I was handed by an American friend and asked if I would consider editing it for clarity of flow, spelling, and grammar. Yes, I can see the irony in asking a Brit to check an American’s spelling, but I am fluent in bothContinue reading “Journeys – the most important book you’ll read in 2020”

Snack Hacks – a definite hit in this spoonie’s house

I don’t review cookbooks as a general rule. Actually, as a general rule I don’t use cookbooks. My recipes come from long Saturdays and Sundays spent in the kitchen beside my mum or my grandad, or my own culinary experiments. If I really want to try something I might look up a recipe online occasionallyContinue reading “Snack Hacks – a definite hit in this spoonie’s house”