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N.A. Le Brun is an author living in a small West Yorkshire town and looking to move to London in the New Year. Growing up they lived on the small island of Jersey and that is why the first book in the Lunegosse Tales begins there. Life on an island can be very insular, particularly when the island is only 45 square miles in size. But even a small drop in the English Channel can hide many secrets.

Jersey has a history lined with myths of mysterious creatures, witches, and devil worship. What it didn’t have up until now is a tale of mysterious humanoid aliens fighting to save their race. N. A. has always loved both Science Fiction and Fantasy and also writes short LGBT stories and screenplays/theatre scripts.

Since childhood, N.A. has wanted nothing more than to see their name in print, and this dream is slowly becoming a reality.

N.A. dislikes gender labelling and prefers to use neutral pronouns, such as they and their, feeling more comfortable in their skin without the question of gender being raised.  This in part stems from their belief that women and men should be treated equally, in part from the fact that identify as gender non-binary (neither male nor female). It’s also why their protagonists are often female, giving girls the chance to find role models in a male dominated world.

N. A. Le Brun Press Pack

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