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N. A. Le Brun lives in London and has a passion for charity fundraising, and Disabled and LGBTQ rights. They have a wild imagination and a love of all things creative, spending time in front of the computer creating digital works of art and sketching, as well as writing novels, short stories and poetry on a daily basis.

They have had a passion for writing since as long as they can remember, with some of their earliest works still to be found in notebooks with written with a child’s hand, one such story was about a duck called Quackers who lived at the bottom of a garden in a rusting garden shed.

As an adult, N. A. Le Brun, focuses on stories with an element of Fantasy and/or Science Fiction with LGBT+ and disabled characters at their centre. Their digital art work is a mix of both of LGBT+ Pride pieces, nerd/geek favourites, and whatever else comes to mind.

Since childhood, N.A. has wanted nothing more than to see their name in print, and this dream is slowly becoming a reality.

N.A. dislikes gender labelling and prefers to use neutral pronouns, such as they and their, feeling more comfortable in their skin without the question of gender being raised.  This in part stems from their belief that women and men should be treated equally, in part from the fact that identify as gender non-binary (neither male nor female). It’s also why their protagonists are often female, giving girls the chance to find role models in a male dominated world.

N. A. Le Brun Press Pack

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