A huge ‘Thank you’ to Lana Parrilla from this Evil Regal

After yesterday’s post about the harsh realities for some of us who choose to come out, today is filled with a ray of sunshine. Sitting waiting for my hospital appointment this morning, a tweet arrived on my phone.  I open it up and there’s an image linked.  Open the image and this is what I see:

Lana NOH8

Thank you, Lana, for standing up for those who are verbally and physically abused, who deal with online hate day in day out.  And thank you for your continued support of LGBTQ causes.

This Evil Regal held hir head a little higher today when a colleague asked “So who is it that’s done this new picture for NOH8?” and had the chance to reply with “Lana Parrilla, the Evil Queen on Once Upon A Time and leader of the Evil Regals.  Thanks to her we all feel a little more inspired and positive.”

Much love to you, Lana,

And thank you again,


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