My disabilities don’t make me an inspiration

There are days when I just want to scream at people to back the frak off. Days where I wish I didn’t hear the words ‘you are an inspiration to me.’ I’m not an inspiration. I’m me. I’ve had several of my disabilities since I was born, a couple for as long as I canContinue reading “My disabilities don’t make me an inspiration”


This song reminds me of my halcyon days of bloodlust now gone. At the time it fit my darling Fairy Godfather Drag Queens to a tee, it still does, but it also seems to have become a representation of my genderqueer orientation. ONE OF THE BOYS From the Broadway Musical “Woman Of The Year” (1981)Continue reading “ONE OF THE BOYS”

Equality and why some people need a better education

Today in the news, for those who have been interested, there has been this gem about an audio clip floating around of a Mexican Congresswoman, Anna Maria Jiménez Ortiz who has stated some pretty hideous opinions about the LGBT community. To be frank, having listened to the discussion taking place, between her and the gentleman she isContinue reading “Equality and why some people need a better education”

Relationship role models in television

Growing up, most of my friends saw aspects of their sexuality and gender in regards to relationships nearly everywhere they looked.  They saw the male/female couples on TV getting married, having kids, experiencing ‘normality’.  It was this mainstream heteronomality that left me questioning if I was ever going to be accepted into a world whereContinue reading “Relationship role models in television”

A huge ‘Thank you’ to Lana Parrilla from this Evil Regal

After yesterday’s post about the harsh realities for some of us who choose to come out, today is filled with a ray of sunshine. Sitting waiting for my hospital appointment this morning, a tweet arrived on my phone.  I open it up and there’s an image linked.  Open the image and this is what I see:Continue reading “A huge ‘Thank you’ to Lana Parrilla from this Evil Regal”

Sometimes I despair at the world

In the past few days I have grown weary of humanity.  I have lost most of my faith in it and I’m finding it hard to find a reason why I should have faith in it.  Since Monday, there are things that have reached my ears that have made me want to turn off myContinue reading “Sometimes I despair at the world”

There is nothing shameful in being queer

As members of the LGBTQ community we are who we are and there isn’t a lot we can do about our sexuality or gender.  We can’t help that we were born this way and we certainly shouldn’t be expected to either.  Sadly in today’s society, it seems like we are.  The pressure we are putContinue reading “There is nothing shameful in being queer”