List of companies not to purchase from whilst they continue to sponsor the Sochi games:

Coca-Cola (yes my diet coke addiction may be kicked by this fact)

Atos – not that I have every knowingly but I will be more conscience of using any companies that deal with them.

Dow – again never knowingly done but considering they pride themselves on their LGBT friendliness (just search their site), their actions say otherwise.

GE – claim to have a GLBTA Alliance. Hmmm… yet they are still sponsoring the Games.

McDonalds – or as my friend calls them McMurders. They claim to be pro-LGBTQ but a quick Google search for ‘McDonalds gay friendly’ brings up a fair few articles about how they only are when it suits them.

Omega Watches – this makes me sad, one of my favourite childhood watches was made by this company.

Panasonic – no more wanting that Lumix camera for me. Their UK website claims that they have:
1. Responsibility towards the environment
2. Responsibility towards society
3. Responsibility towards our company
But does not mention equality of any form in that section on society. Which is 2 paragraphs.

Procter & Gamble – The mission of Diversity & Inclusion at P&G is:
Everyone Valued, Everyone
Everyone Performing at Their Peak
Are they really expecting us to buy the first part of their mission when they are sponsoring these games?

Samsung – currently, every time I use my phone I feel guilty. But I can’t afford to replace it so I’m trying not to allow the bile in my stomach to make me queasy when I do. No more tech purchased from them though.

VISA – how many of us have VISA debit cards or credit cards from our banks? This one is one I sadly will have to continue using. But I’m disgusted in them as well. And I will be writing to them.


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