Kosmos – an exciting web series

Back at Sci-Fi Scarborough 2015, we were treated to a panel with Virginia Hey, Terry Molloy and Jon Campling for an upcoming web series called Kosmos. The panel was funny and intelligent and full of witty banter (and smutty banter) but all we heard about the show was it was set in a hospital. ThatContinue reading “Kosmos – an exciting web series”

There is only one Zhaan

I will always have a soft spot for the blue lady of Farscape. As will a lot of people I know. We giggle like schoolgirls when watching Zhaan’s photosynthetic reaction to the sun…. And I won’t deny a few of us may wish we were that sun. For many of my tribe, Zhaan was theContinue reading “There is only one Zhaan”