My disabilities don’t make me an inspiration

There are days when I just want to scream at people to back the frak off. Days where I wish I didn’t hear the words ‘you are an inspiration to me.’ I’m not an inspiration. I’m me. I’ve had several of my disabilities since I was born, a couple for as long as I canContinue reading “My disabilities don’t make me an inspiration”

Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator – a new contender in the epics of our day.

These are the signs that let me know I’m reading a good book: I wonder what the characters are up to when I’m doing stuff other than reading (i.e. the day job or cooking dinner). I dream about the characters. Taking time away from the book is heart-wrenching and guilt enducing. Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator, byContinue reading “Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator – a new contender in the epics of our day.”

As we mourn, let our grief strengthen our bonds. Orlando should not happen again. 

At a time when the rights of the LGBTQ community are gaining some recognition, we have been reminded of the prejudice against us with a violent act that should never have happened.  The news of what happened at Pulse nightclub in Orlando has left us devastated and hurting. We ache for the loss of so manyContinue reading “As we mourn, let our grief strengthen our bonds. Orlando should not happen again. “

Fandom – loves and hates

TL;DR: My bones are too damn tired to deal with the downside of fandom. I can, have, and will, shout from the rooftops over my fandoms. I will wave my flag of geekdom high and I will always be grateful for the friends, the family, and the inspiration I have received from fandom. Without severalContinue reading “Fandom – loves and hates”

My own personal angel

You opened up my heartUsed a key to open the doorI long ago had lockedThrough fear of yet more pain.You took the key away with youRemoved it from my handsSo that I could no longer runSo that I had to be trueto myself and let others inYou eased the painTore down the wallsYou showed meContinue reading “My own personal angel”

All the signs, none of the information

If you know me well, you know I’m part Pagan, part Christian, part something else. You know that I converse with the spirit world, that I put stock in signs, that I believe dreams can guide us, that they can give us information, literal or metaphorical and that I instinctively follow the flow of theContinue reading “All the signs, none of the information”

#decaffeiNATed day 12 – the weather is making me crave a mug of hot chocolate

Yesterday I was convinced I was on my last day of going without caffeine. This both made me smile and made me sad. I was happy at the idea of having chocolate and Earl Grey tea and coffee, but I was also saddened I hadn’t reached the goal I had set in place. I shouldn’tContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 12 – the weather is making me crave a mug of hot chocolate”

My Guardian Angel

She creeps into the edge of my conscious thought when I least expect her. Her blue eyes shining out from beneath long dark curls.  Her smile taunts my thoughts, my feelings, teasing me as she arrives at a moment when I have to concentrate on something else. Her hair has changed colour and length overContinue reading “My Guardian Angel”