Sci-Fi, Queer Women, and the lack of our representation

In the past few days, my social media feeds have been full of anguished cries over the new Star Trek movie and the fact that Sulu is a aay man. Now if you know me, you know I’m a Trekker. I live for Sci-Fi, I breathe Sci-Fi, and I dream in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. ScienceContinue reading “Sci-Fi, Queer Women, and the lack of our representation”

My Ten Top Lesbian Film and TV Characters

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while, but the truth is, I’ve found it hard narrowing it down to just ten (and technically I’ve cheated a little here, but you’ll see why when we get there). Here we go in descending order: 10. Camille Wray – Stargate Universe (SGU) Camille Wray isContinue reading “My Ten Top Lesbian Film and TV Characters”

“Everyone deserves excitement, love I don’t know about.” – Thoughts on #HashtagSeries

I was super excited for #Hashtag Season 1, because I love when tello gives us new shows. They include all types of lesbians across their media and that makes me very very happy because we don’t fit into neat little labels and in that respect #Hashtag did not disappoint. The first time I watched theContinue reading ““Everyone deserves excitement, love I don’t know about.” – Thoughts on #HashtagSeries”

The Return of Nikki & Nora

Once upon a time there was a pilot created by Nancylee Myatt revolving around a lesbian crime fighting couple, played by Christina Cox and Liz Vassey, that sadly was never picked up by the network. It was at a time where, because of the political climate, television in the US was not ready for aContinue reading “The Return of Nikki & Nora”

A rare gem in an often stormy sea

For weeks, AH has been nagging (yes nagging), me to watch a TV show that she’s fallen in love with. ┬áThing is, I tend to watch things at my own pace. And if I’m honest, with a few exceptions, I like to binge on a season of a show once it’s complete because then IContinue reading “A rare gem in an often stormy sea”