I’ve tried this before, but I’m throwing it out there again. And this time I’m going to throw some dates out there too. I would like some help and I would like to get my books, and this time my Redbubble accounts, out across the Internet. I want people to know that my social mediaContinue reading “WANTED – REVIEWERS, BLOGGERS, BLURBS, SOCIAL MEDIA SHARES”

Never give up, never surrender…. never stop writing

Just your regular reminder of everything going on at the moment. Because let’s face it, without you guys I’m not going to get very far. Crowdfunding Campaign for 2017 Book Tour Click on the image and join in, a donation as small or as large as you like. Up until Saturday, any donation of £5Continue reading “Never give up, never surrender…. never stop writing”

“Everyone deserves excitement, love I don’t know about.” – Thoughts on #HashtagSeries

I was super excited for #Hashtag Season 1, because I love when tello gives us new shows. They include all types of lesbians across their media and that makes me very very happy because we don’t fit into neat little labels and in that respect #Hashtag did not disappoint. The first time I watched theContinue reading ““Everyone deserves excitement, love I don’t know about.” – Thoughts on #HashtagSeries”