Meltdown – a poem

Wanting to crawl out of my skin, Creatures move as anxiety sets in. Doubts rush through my head, It’s the frustration that I dread. Vocal chords and brain detach, Can’t find the key to open the latch. Lights are too bright to see, Sounds seem to deafen me. Hard to explain to an NT, HowContinue reading “Meltdown – a poem”

I look in the mirror (poem)

I look in the mirror, I see stretch marks, A belly bulge, Scars that will always be there, Breasts that I wish had never developed. I see spots on a face That looks younger than 33, Crooked teeth that crumble, A double chin peaking out at certain angles. I see the faults that society hasContinue reading “I look in the mirror (poem)”