Questions from an 8 year old for the creators of Once Upon a Time

The pleasure of being my age is that a lot of my friends have children. I know a number of children of different ages and their take on the world reminds me to take stock occasionally and look at things differently.  Today my friend’s 8 year old who sees the world differently from her friends,Continue reading “Questions from an 8 year old for the creators of Once Upon a Time”

Snow Grey

Once Upon a Time has done it again. This week’s was another spectacularly Snow White heavy episode that quite frankly left the audience bored to tears for most of it.  We are constantly being bombarded with the ‘Charmings are good, Regina is not’ theme of the show and a heavy focus on that fact.  I,Continue reading “Snow Grey”

Dear Ginny Goodwin

I had the intention of writing this post without naming names but seeing the way in which you’ve upset so many of my friends within the Once fandom with your interview comment about Swan Queen being incestuous, I decided that this post should be an open letter.  Take it or leave it but hopefully itContinue reading “Dear Ginny Goodwin”