Feminism and what it’s not about – a letter to Julie Burchill

Dear Julie Burchill, I’d like to take this moment to explain something to you that I don’t think you quite understand.  Feminism.  Feminism is not about belittling other people.  It is not about humiliating and mudslinging other groups.  It is not about taking out your feelings on people just so you can feel better aboutContinue reading “Feminism and what it’s not about – a letter to Julie Burchill”

Another breed of man

Whilst reading the BBC News website at lunch, as I have a habit of doing at work, I found an article on another (now extinct) breed of man that once lived in Africa.  It suggests that once, there were three species of men living on this Earth, and now, we are the only ones left.  InContinue reading “Another breed of man”