To all the non-birth mothers this Mothers’ Day weekend

The U.K. seems to have a different Mothers’ Day to the rest of the world but this applies to British mothers here too. I see the love in your eyes for your children, be they still under the age of eighteen, or grown adults. I see the way you feel each of their struggles andContinue reading “To all the non-birth mothers this Mothers’ Day weekend”

To my two mothers…

Mothers Day is fast approaching in the UK and I’m not going to be in for most of it as I’ll be at a little event in Scarborough called Sci-Fi Scarborough. So I thought I’d post this now. Whilst it’s fresh in my mind. I am fortunate to have two mother’s in my life, one is the biological mother who raised me, and one has only come into my life in the past year, but she treats me as if I am her own. So the two letters below are for them.