Sci-Fi, Queer Women, and the lack of our representation

In the past few days, my social media feeds have been full of anguished cries over the new Star Trek movie and the fact that Sulu is a aay man. Now if you know me, you know I’m a Trekker. I live for Sci-Fi, I breathe Sci-Fi, and I dream in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. ScienceContinue reading “Sci-Fi, Queer Women, and the lack of our representation”

“Everyone deserves excitement, love I don’t know about.” – Thoughts on #HashtagSeries

I was super excited for #Hashtag Season 1, because I love when tello gives us new shows. They include all types of lesbians across their media and that makes me very very happy because we don’t fit into neat little labels and in that respect #Hashtag did not disappoint. The first time I watched theContinue reading ““Everyone deserves excitement, love I don’t know about.” – Thoughts on #HashtagSeries”

Relationship role models in television

Growing up, most of my friends saw aspects of their sexuality and gender in regards to relationships nearly everywhere they looked.  They saw the male/female couples on TV getting married, having kids, experiencing ‘normality’.  It was this mainstream heteronomality that left me questioning if I was ever going to be accepted into a world whereContinue reading “Relationship role models in television”