For God Tells Me So….

I’ve been sat this morning watching a documentary on Netflix called “For God Tells Me So.” It’s about the division within American Christianity regarding the LGBTQ community. There are families who have changed their view because their child came out, a mother who lost her child because she didn’t accept her, and a family whoContinue reading “For God Tells Me So….”

Another year older, another year not so wiser

As birthdays go, today has been a mixed bag. There’s been ups and downs and one surprise which will remain private but which means more to me than I can possibly say. I still have gifts to come (thank you postal service), but it’s been an interesting day and despite the washing machine issues (doContinue reading “Another year older, another year not so wiser”

Being out doesn’t mean I hate men, it just means I’m confident in who I am

It also means that when I talk about my husbands, of which there are two and of which there will only ever be two, I don’t mean my legal/matrimonial husbands. I mean two men with whom I have a connection that goes deeper than friendship.  My fiancée accepts their roles in my life and sheContinue reading “Being out doesn’t mean I hate men, it just means I’m confident in who I am”

A rare gem in an often stormy sea

For weeks, AH has been nagging (yes nagging), me to watch a TV show that she’s fallen in love with.  Thing is, I tend to watch things at my own pace. And if I’m honest, with a few exceptions, I like to binge on a season of a show once it’s complete because then IContinue reading “A rare gem in an often stormy sea”