On the anniversary of my own grandfather’s passing

Today is always a mixed day emotionally for me, the anniversary of Grandad Jeff’s passing through lung cancer and my other Grandad’s birthday. But this post is less to do with my own agony and more to do with another woman’s pain. A few days ago I read this post by Grace Phelps, granddaughter ofContinue reading “On the anniversary of my own grandfather’s passing”

The Return of Nikki & Nora

Once upon a time there was a pilot created by Nancylee Myatt revolving around a lesbian crime fighting couple, played by Christina Cox and Liz Vassey, that sadly was never picked up by the network. It was at a time where, because of the political climate, television in the US was not ready for aContinue reading “The Return of Nikki & Nora”

Let’s not forget that there are more parts to the Queer community than just the one(s) we belong to

I have been asked on occasion how my Genderqueer identity and my Lesbian identity are not in conflict.  My answer is always simple, my gender and my sexuality are not the same thing, although, working together in harmony, they combine to make part of the greater whole that is me.

Suanne Braun, Nicole deBoer and Neve McIntosh or I love the women of sci fi and the actors behind the characters

I am a geek, there’s no denying it. There’s no denying my past or my sexuality either. Growing up there weren’t really any lesbian characters on my screen (with the exception of Bad Girls) so I turned to Sci Fi television and any books I could to find strong women to look up to, Stargate,Continue reading “Suanne Braun, Nicole deBoer and Neve McIntosh or I love the women of sci fi and the actors behind the characters”

My Response to Russia’s anti-gay propaganda video

The text from the video is in italics below, my response is in normal text: They don’t tell you that gay people die 20-30 years before normal people. Firstly, Jack Drescher, a member of the World Health Organisation’s Working Group on the Classification of Sexual Disorders and Sexual Health has stated: “There are no reputable scientificContinue reading “My Response to Russia’s anti-gay propaganda video”

Equality and why some people need a better education

Today in the news, for those who have been interested, there has been this gem about an audio clip floating around of a Mexican Congresswoman, Anna Maria Jiménez Ortiz who has stated some pretty hideous opinions about the LGBT community. To be frank, having listened to the discussion taking place, between her and the gentleman she isContinue reading “Equality and why some people need a better education”

A rare gem in an often stormy sea

For weeks, AH has been nagging (yes nagging), me to watch a TV show that she’s fallen in love with.  Thing is, I tend to watch things at my own pace. And if I’m honest, with a few exceptions, I like to binge on a season of a show once it’s complete because then IContinue reading “A rare gem in an often stormy sea”

Relationship role models in television

Growing up, most of my friends saw aspects of their sexuality and gender in regards to relationships nearly everywhere they looked.  They saw the male/female couples on TV getting married, having kids, experiencing ‘normality’.  It was this mainstream heteronomality that left me questioning if I was ever going to be accepted into a world whereContinue reading “Relationship role models in television”

Nikki & Nora still need our help

So the Nikki & Nora Files campaign is still going and could still use your help.  They are slowly creeping up to the $20,000 mark and have 22 days to get to the $50,000 mark.  Why am I so adamant to push this one?  Because there is a severe lack of LGBTQ main characters inContinue reading “Nikki & Nora still need our help”