Book offer ending tomorrow at midnight

Only two days left now to snap up my ebook offer! So what are you waiting for? Click the payment link and you can walk away with all three ebooks for £4.99! That’s right! When you purchase The Stolen Generation, you get the first two books in The Lunegosse Tales free!

#RileyParra Season 1 Episode 1 goes live on Tello

One episode into Riley Parra on tello and I’m already desperate for episode two. I’ve read the books so I already had my own take on the characters, but this show means a lot to me. Actually it means a LOT to me. And seeing the first episode so well executed actually had tears inContinue reading “#RileyParra Season 1 Episode 1 goes live on Tello”

Two eBooks for £5 and brand new covers!

eBook offer time! To celebrate the release of the new covers for The Lunegosse Tales, I’m giving you the chance to get both The Search for Lana and The Journey Home in eBook format for just £5. That’s a saving of £1.98 in total. All you have to do to take advantage of the offerContinue reading “Two eBooks for £5 and brand new covers!”

#WomanCrushWednesday Lesbian Super Edition

Here’s to the women who taught me that loving another woman isn’t a bad thing. My ultimate lesbian #WomanCrushWednesday list: To Claudia Christian and Andrea Thompson, who as Susan Ivanova and Talia Winters taught me that loving another woman was possible. And for giving me an hour a week when my father treated me withContinue reading “#WomanCrushWednesday Lesbian Super Edition”

Her Story – my new addiction

My social media has been full lately of the lead up to Her Story, Laura Zak and Jen Richards’ new project. I’ve been quietly waiting in anticipation of this show since I first heard about it, what seems like forever ago. And now of course I’m sitting here, having binged all six episodes with JDVContinue reading “Her Story – my new addiction”

My Ten Top Lesbian Film and TV Characters

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while, but the truth is, I’ve found it hard narrowing it down to just ten (and technically I’ve cheated a little here, but you’ll see why when we get there). Here we go in descending order: 10. Camille Wray – Stargate Universe (SGU) Camille Wray isContinue reading “My Ten Top Lesbian Film and TV Characters”

“All I need is, one of you smiles, sunshine of your eyes…” Nikki & Nora Season 2!

So yesterday, New Years Eve, 2014, I woke up to a newsletter from tello which had me bouncing on the sofa. The kickstarter for season 2 of Nikki & Nora begins next month! If you know me, you know what this will mean when it comes to my bug up the backside, desperate need for moreContinue reading ““All I need is, one of you smiles, sunshine of your eyes…” Nikki & Nora Season 2!”

“Everyone deserves excitement, love I don’t know about.” – Thoughts on #HashtagSeries

I was super excited for #Hashtag Season 1, because I love when tello gives us new shows. They include all types of lesbians across their media and that makes me very very happy because we don’t fit into neat little labels and in that respect #Hashtag did not disappoint. The first time I watched theContinue reading ““Everyone deserves excitement, love I don’t know about.” – Thoughts on #HashtagSeries”

The Return of Nikki & Nora

Once upon a time there was a pilot created by Nancylee Myatt revolving around a lesbian crime fighting couple, played by Christina Cox and Liz Vassey, that sadly was never picked up by the network. It was at a time where, because of the political climate, television in the US was not ready for aContinue reading “The Return of Nikki & Nora”