Jour d’la Libéthâtion – Jersey, mon vie (Liberation Day – Jersey, my life)

I don’t know if it’s the vraic (seaweed), the sea, or the blood in my veins that makes me want to be home every May 9th. It’s been five years since I left my little island. Five whole years and I’ve not been back (that will change in October). But every year, without fail, onContinue reading “Jour d’la Libéthâtion – Jersey, mon vie (Liberation Day – Jersey, my life)”

Grandchild of the war

Growing up on a small island, once occupied by the Nazis during WWII, you grow up with an ever present knowledge of ‘the War’ or ‘the Occupation’ as it’s referred to back home.  Be it through school books or the ever present reminders in the architecture dotted around the island.  The now vacant building thatContinue reading “Grandchild of the war”