#decaffeiNATed day 6 – starting to find my energy in other ways

This morning I stopped at the supermarket to pick up some extra isotonic sports drinks with added B vitamins and walked straight past the cola bottles and the chocolate, not really thinking about it. This is a plus side. ┬áIt’s the first time I’ve managed to do that since starting on this crazy endeavour. ComeContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 6 – starting to find my energy in other ways”

#decaffeiNATed day 5 – the day of endless exhaustion

Getting up this morning was pure hellish torture and to be honest the whole day has felt the same. Nothing seems to want me to stay awake. My eyes are itchy through tiredness. I’m not sure why it’s taken until day 5 to get me this way but it’s happened. I’ve struggled so hard toContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 5 – the day of endless exhaustion”

#decaffeiNATed Day 4 – a day of hope and cravings

Yesterday evening, thanks to a very generous donor, I got the news that not only will I do be doing the initial 7 days of #decaffeiNATed but I will in fact being doing 9 days at the moment. This in itself has bolstered my resolve, even when staring down my favourite chocolate in the supermarketContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed Day 4 – a day of hope and cravings”

#decaffeiNATed headaches and cravings – day 2

The headache from yesterday still hasn’t dissipated completely. The cravings are possibly worse today. Especially for the chocolate and a cup of Earl Grey. But I’m staying strong, because this is to raise money for Sanctuary for Kids and that to me is a good reason to sacrifice the one thing that usually gets meContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed headaches and cravings – day 2”

decaffeiNATed the return of nocaffnat – Day 1

Today hasn’t been too bad on the scales of caffeine withdrawals. I have to admit it’s not been easy but today has been more about ignoring temptation than anything else. I had ginseng tea (no caffeine) with breakfast. It has a good kick but I have to admit I missed the taste of my EarlContinue reading “decaffeiNATed the return of nocaffnat – Day 1”

75 days until decaffeiNATED – Today I looked at my caffeine intake

There were a few things I realised today. I can’t back out on this. It’s up on the Sanctuary for Kids community page. My caffeine intake is currently between 300mg and 450mg of caffeine a day. The upper moderate intake for adults is 300mg. Unsurprisingly I’m back to the stage I was before I gaveContinue reading “75 days until decaffeiNATED – Today I looked at my caffeine intake”