Milestones, New Chapters, Positive Steps

In just over 6 months I turn 35. I’ll have been alive been alive 30 years longer than doctors expected. And I’m proud of that. A lot prouder than I am of most things in my life, because it marks me as a survivor against all odds. The scar that runs from my left underContinue reading “Milestones, New Chapters, Positive Steps”

We need to stop making illness about gender – a.k.a I’m a boi with endo

Under my list of illnesses/disabilities, I mark endometriosis as being one of the most debilitating pain wise. I mean yes I’ve been pretty much out of action this past week thanks to vertigo, but that pales in comparison to the pain of a first full day of menstrual bleeding that chose this morning to kickContinue reading “We need to stop making illness about gender – a.k.a I’m a boi with endo”

#decaffeiNATed day 7 – some unexpected health benefits

Those of you who aren’t just following these blog posts because it’s a charity fundraiser will know I suffer from a crippling amount of PMS hormones and period pain (as well as ovulation pain) due to a condition called Endometriosis. ¬†Usually when my period starts I’m on an emotional precipice and by this time onContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 7 – some unexpected health benefits”