#decaffeiNATed – the total. Drumroll please

When I started planning this I never thought I would be able to say that this time round over triple what I raised two years ago would be the final result of the fundraising. I never expected I’d make it 14 days without caffeine. Heck I didn’t think I’d get the funds raised to giveContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed – the total. Drumroll please”

#decaffeiNATed day 14 – the final day without caffeine

This has been an amazing 2 weeks (not in the craving way) but in that it’s taught me more about myself and also more about the people in my life.  It’s made me realise the lengths of self sacrifice I will go to for a cause that is dear to my heart. To be honestContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 14 – the final day without caffeine”

#decaffeiNATed day 13 – my working week is over, one day left without caffeine

I can’t believe how quickly the past couple of weeks have gone. This time two weeks ago, I was sick with the most evil ear infection I’ve had in over a decade and yet still determined that I would start on 1st Feb on this crazy endeavour.  And now I’m on the penultimate day ofContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 13 – my working week is over, one day left without caffeine”

#decaffeiNATed day 12 – the weather is making me crave a mug of hot chocolate

Yesterday I was convinced I was on my last day of going without caffeine. This both made me smile and made me sad. I was happy at the idea of having chocolate and Earl Grey tea and coffee, but I was also saddened I hadn’t reached the goal I had set in place. I shouldn’tContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 12 – the weather is making me crave a mug of hot chocolate”

#decaffeiNATed day 11 – the last day?

This time last week, if you’d have told me I could finish this tomorrow, go back on the chocolate and caffeine, I would have been beyond thrilled. This week, however, whilst I’m so very happy with the money that has been raised thus far, I’m a little sad to think that I may not lastContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 11 – the last day?”

#decaffeiNATed day 9 – “Easy like Sunday morning”

So it’s official, I have been pushed to 11 days without caffeine and I’m looking forward to the challenge.  I’m not cursing like a trooper any more, and I’ve learnt to deal with the ginseng tea of a morning, even if I still don’t like the taste.  But I’ll happily continue this as long asContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 9 – “Easy like Sunday morning””

#decaffeiNATed day 8 – Hair cut, sushi and some (non chocolate) American treats

Today has been planned for a couple of weeks and I have to say that the good parts of it have so outweighed the bad.  I finally got my hair cut. It’s once again as short as I like it and not covering the back of my neck and my fringe is back.  The onlyContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 8 – Hair cut, sushi and some (non chocolate) American treats”

#decaffeiNATed day 7 – some unexpected health benefits

Those of you who aren’t just following these blog posts because it’s a charity fundraiser will know I suffer from a crippling amount of PMS hormones and period pain (as well as ovulation pain) due to a condition called Endometriosis.  Usually when my period starts I’m on an emotional precipice and by this time onContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 7 – some unexpected health benefits”

#decaffeiNATed day 6 – starting to find my energy in other ways

This morning I stopped at the supermarket to pick up some extra isotonic sports drinks with added B vitamins and walked straight past the cola bottles and the chocolate, not really thinking about it. This is a plus side.  It’s the first time I’ve managed to do that since starting on this crazy endeavour. ComeContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 6 – starting to find my energy in other ways”

#decaffeiNATed day 5 – the day of endless exhaustion

Getting up this morning was pure hellish torture and to be honest the whole day has felt the same. Nothing seems to want me to stay awake. My eyes are itchy through tiredness. I’m not sure why it’s taken until day 5 to get me this way but it’s happened. I’ve struggled so hard toContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed day 5 – the day of endless exhaustion”