C Three Foundation is 5 years old this month

If you know me, or follow my work, you know I’m an avid supporter of Claudia Christian’s C Three Foundation and the work they do in advocating The Sinclair Method of treating Alcohol Use Disorder. They are celebrating their 5th birthday this month with a fundraising silent auction and have a goal of $5k. Let’sContinue reading “C Three Foundation is 5 years old this month”



D Day – today I shave my head

I’ll be honest. I’ve always wanted to shave my head for charity, since I was about 10 years old. And today that day is here. At 6:30pm my hair will be shaved for C3 Foundation and C Three Europe…. And I couldn’t be more thrilled that I’m shaving my head for both these not-for-profits….. ButContinue reading “D Day – today I shave my head”

Where things are 

I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotional crap lately and wading through it as best I can. But I’m coming out it the other side and things are looking brighter emotionally. I was able to keep a promise yesterday that even a year ago the reminder I got wouldn’t have been enough to stopContinue reading “Where things are “

To shave or not to shave my head… that is the (charity fundraising) question

OK guys serious fundraising questions and yes this is me, you know, the one who will completely and utterly do anything for a cause that means something too me. (I’ve given up caffeine twice remember?) Some of you know I’m growing my hair with the plan to cut it to raise funds for C ThreeContinue reading “To shave or not to shave my head… that is the (charity fundraising) question”

2014 – this year’s summary

This year has been memorable for several reasons. Some global, some not. There have been definitive landmarks for me and I know that some of them have paved the way for 2015. I’ll try to keep this concise, I’ll fail. Because this year has had a lot of different intertwining moments. So in no particularContinue reading “2014 – this year’s summary”

The Original, The Trials of Sara Larkin, Book 1: Rebirth – a fun read that I couldn’t put down

The blurb: The Original is the story of Sara Larkin, an actress who thought her career in Hollywood was on the slide. Then she kills herself, some mysterious people dispose of the body, and she gets on with life as someone else. At first everything improves. She gets a good role in a major movie,Continue reading “The Original, The Trials of Sara Larkin, Book 1: Rebirth – a fun read that I couldn’t put down”

#OneAndDone Challenge – less than 21 hours left and supporters still needed.

Here’s the deal, click on this link and go to Thunderclap. Sign up through social media and help achieve the goals of the challenge: (taken from the challenge page) 1) Raise awareness of the Sinclair Method (TSM), an evidence-based treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD) with a 78% long term success rate. 2) Raise fundsContinue reading “#OneAndDone Challenge – less than 21 hours left and supporters still needed.”

A catch up on the life of Scribblenubbin

So I haven’t updated in a while. And I keep meaning to but I’m so completely and utterly behind in everything. This past week I’ve been getting home and working on my latest project which, quite frankly has taken over my life thanks to support and encouragement from someone I did not expect it from.Continue reading “A catch up on the life of Scribblenubbin”