Book offer ending tomorrow at midnight

Only two days left now to snap up my ebook offer! So what are you waiting for? Click the payment link and you can walk away with all three ebooks for £4.99! That’s right! When you purchase The Stolen Generation, you get the first two books in The Lunegosse Tales free!

Crowdfunding Progress Report and a little more….

The crowdfunding campaign for my 2017 Book Tour is currently doing well. The first £100 of the £4000 goal has been reached! And I’m thrilled to say that it’s slowly picking up traction.

A work in progress post (finally)

My novel now stands at 38,066 words.  I lost the will to write a while ago, but I’m pulling it back in and I’m aiming to start writing 1500 words a day.  Target met tonight.  My target may be slightly altered for weekends, etc, but let’s see if I can’t get back into the flowContinue reading “A work in progress post (finally)”