Dearest Maman, My Darling Mum,

61 isn’t that old. Not by today’s standards. In fact, for women, the age of retirement is no longer 60, it now matches the age of retirement for men. We often think that we have all the time in the world. And most of us don’t think of our own mortality until much later inContinue reading “Dearest Maman, My Darling Mum,”

On the eve of your 59th birthday

I don’t think I’ll ever truly put aside the pain I feel at you not being here, Mum. I don’t think there will ever come a day when I’m not wishing I could phone you. It’s been almost 14 years and I can’t shake that desire. But this year’s post is something different, because you’veContinue reading “On the eve of your 59th birthday”

Another year older, another year not so wiser

As birthdays go, today has been a mixed bag. There’s been ups and downs and one surprise which will remain private but which means more to me than I can possibly say. I still have gifts to come (thank you postal service), but it’s been an interesting day and despite the washing machine issues (doContinue reading “Another year older, another year not so wiser”