C Three Foundation is 5 years old this month

If you know me, or follow my work, you know I’m an avid supporter of Claudia Christian’s C Three Foundation and the work they do in advocating The Sinclair Method of treating Alcohol Use Disorder. They are celebrating their 5th birthday this month with a fundraising silent auction and have a goal of $5k. Let’sContinue reading “C Three Foundation is 5 years old this month”

Consent in a non-consent world

At 35, I’m pretty much settled on the basics of what I do and do not like in life. I love hot chocolate made with coconut milk on cold winter days (especially when laced with marshmallows), long hot baths that ease my fibromyalgia, curling up with my sister for a Netflix binge of one ofContinue reading “Consent in a non-consent world”

An open letter about Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

Another open letter, I seem to be writing them a lot lately, but anyway here goes. There have been posts on my social media feeds recently from people I consider friends, that have left me with a bitter tate in my mouth. I want to say now that I once had similar opinions to thoseContinue reading “An open letter about Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)”

#OneAndDone Challenge – less than 21 hours left and supporters still needed.

Here’s the deal, click on this link and go to Thunderclap. Sign up through social media and help achieve the goals of the challenge: (taken from the challenge page) 1) Raise awareness of the Sinclair Method (TSM), an evidence-based treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD) with a 78% long term success rate. 2) Raise fundsContinue reading “#OneAndDone Challenge – less than 21 hours left and supporters still needed.”