Travelling with multiple disabilities and conditions – the essentials before I’ve even left home.

I’ve got a couple of trips coming up in the next month or so. Trips I’m more than excited for, but that are also anxiety inducing. They aren’t too far away, but they do involve planning. A lot of planning. I need to know exactly what I’m taking with me. I need to look atContinue reading “Travelling with multiple disabilities and conditions – the essentials before I’ve even left home.”

When you’ve met one person with…

My dear and loyal readers, you know the drill by now, I’m an Aspie, I have various medical conditions and various disabilities, and I’m Queer as that rainbow that’s coming after the thunderstorm that’s currently raging outside your window. Here’s the thing though. Having a list of labels a mile long means I can quiteContinue reading “When you’ve met one person with…”

Milestones, New Chapters, Positive Steps

In just over 6 months I turn 35. I’ll have been alive been alive 30 years longer than doctors expected. And I’m proud of that. A lot prouder than I am of most things in my life, because it marks me as a survivor against all odds. The scar that runs from my left underContinue reading “Milestones, New Chapters, Positive Steps”

Sci-Fi, Queer Women, and the lack of our representation

In the past few days, my social media feeds have been full of anguished cries over the new Star Trek movie and the fact that Sulu is a aay man. Now if you know me, you know I’m a Trekker. I live for Sci-Fi, I breathe Sci-Fi, and I dream in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. ScienceContinue reading “Sci-Fi, Queer Women, and the lack of our representation”

Asperger’s and addiction

Over the past couple of years I’ve been ridding myself of the harmful behaviours and practices that I’ve let become a part of my stimming and my meltdown management. It’s been an interesting ride and I’m not quite there yet.  Here is a list of the things I’ve accomplished: ´╗┐No more scratching until I’m bleedingContinue reading “Asperger’s and addiction”

Dear woman at Leeds train station who gave me a look when I started to go into meltdown

You don’t get to look disgusted with me because I can’t handle the noise of a screeching train combined with everything else I’m dealing with today. I went into sensory overload, which is clearly something you’ve never experienced, and to be honest I’m grateful you haven’t. You couldn’t handle what I go through day afterContinue reading “Dear woman at Leeds train station who gave me a look when I started to go into meltdown”

Trapped inside emotion – an Aspie perspective on dealing with emotions

Emotions are confusing things for me. Big terrifying balls of confusion, even the happy ones. They feel like they are consuming me, and combine a particularly powerful one with external stimuli and I would really like to crawl out of my skin. When I get stuck inside an emotion, I become trapped in a cycleContinue reading “Trapped inside emotion – an Aspie perspective on dealing with emotions”

Mental Health Check-In

Things are changing when it comes to my mental health. They are slow and gradual changes, but they are changes nonetheless. Things are taking a gradual move into the positive direction and I want to document that here on my blog. I’m not going to cut any corners in this post, so I suggest youContinue reading “Mental Health Check-In”