Asperger’s and addiction

Over the past couple of years I’ve been ridding myself of the harmful behaviours and practices that I’ve let become a part of my stimming and my meltdown management. It’s been an interesting ride and I’m not quite there yet.  Here is a list of the things I’ve accomplished: ´╗┐No more scratching until I’m bleedingContinue reading “Asperger’s and addiction”

#decaffeiNATed headaches and cravings – day 2

The headache from yesterday still hasn’t dissipated completely. The cravings are possibly worse today. Especially for the chocolate and a cup of Earl Grey. But I’m staying strong, because this is to raise money for Sanctuary for Kids and that to me is a good reason to sacrifice the one thing that usually gets meContinue reading “#decaffeiNATed headaches and cravings – day 2”