Tearing at my flesh- A Poem (TRIGGER WARNING)

BEFORE YOU READ THIS, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IT COULD BE A TRIGGER IF YOU SELF-HARM. I DO NOT WANT TO TRIGGER ANYONE AND AM MERELY TRYING TO GET MY OWN THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS TOGETHER. It’s tearing up inside me This pain that radiates Causes my depression to Tumble into darkness My fingers seek outContinue reading “Tearing at my flesh- A Poem (TRIGGER WARNING)”

Meltdown – a poem

Wanting to crawl out of my skin, Creatures move as anxiety sets in. Doubts rush through my head, It’s the frustration that I dread. Vocal chords and brain detach, Can’t find the key to open the latch. Lights are too bright to see, Sounds seem to deafen me. Hard to explain to an NT, HowContinue reading “Meltdown – a poem”

I look in the mirror (poem)

I look in the mirror, I see stretch marks, A belly bulge, Scars that will always be there, Breasts that I wish had never developed. I see spots on a face That looks younger than 33, Crooked teeth that crumble, A double chin peaking out at certain angles. I see the faults that society hasContinue reading “I look in the mirror (poem)”

Where things are 

I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotional crap lately and wading through it as best I can. But I’m coming out it the other side and things are looking brighter emotionally. I was able to keep a promise yesterday that even a year ago the reminder I got wouldn’t have been enough to stopContinue reading “Where things are “

A catch up on the life of Scribblenubbin

So I haven’t updated in a while. And I keep meaning to but I’m so completely and utterly behind in everything. This past week I’ve been getting home and working on my latest project which, quite frankly has taken over my life thanks to support and encouragement from someone I did not expect it from.Continue reading “A catch up on the life of Scribblenubbin”

Writing update

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated here on the writing. Guardian is currently still being edited, so no news on that front. Hope to have some soon though. Sadly sometimes things get in the way and that means they are slower than otherwise and I’m kinda ok with that. I really need to startContinue reading “Writing update”

Quick word count update on the novel

44,510 words as of now.  I’m happy with this as it means I’m pushing myself further forward and I’ve actually done some work on it tonight after a week of dreams that have invariably ended up with Alethea Kontis giving me a lecture about the fact I’m ignoring it.  Now don’t get me wrong IContinue reading “Quick word count update on the novel”

A work in progress post (finally)

My novel now stands at 38,066 words.  I lost the will to write a while ago, but I’m pulling it back in and I’m aiming to start writing 1500 words a day.  Target met tonight.  My target may be slightly altered for weekends, etc, but let’s see if I can’t get back into the flowContinue reading “A work in progress post (finally)”