#RileyParra Episode 2, an open letter to Marem Hassler

I could make this blog post a blow by blow account of this week’s AMAZING episode. I could tell you all how Riley and Gillian (Hassler and Vassey) had me making heart eyes at my screen, or how Sweet Kara makes me feel more validated as a non-binary person. I could even mention that IContinue reading “#RileyParra Episode 2, an open letter to Marem Hassler”

Meltdown – a poem

Wanting to crawl out of my skin, Creatures move as anxiety sets in. Doubts rush through my head, It’s the frustration that I dread. Vocal chords and brain detach, Can’t find the key to open the latch. Lights are too bright to see, Sounds seem to deafen me. Hard to explain to an NT, HowContinue reading “Meltdown – a poem”

Grief with Asperger’s 

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I recently lost my Grandad. It’s been tough. Grandad was and is my first hero. He was the man who gave me a love of so many things and taught me about language. I still feel like I’m caught in some terrible dream. Everyone goes throughContinue reading “Grief with Asperger’s “

2015 -ups, downs, and hope for the future

2015 has given me family time that was much wanted and needed. It has given me a new job, allowed me to escape from a crushing and crumbling workplace. I saw people I love dearly, and finished writing a screenplay, and published my first ebook.  My darling AH has started on a path that willContinue reading “2015 -ups, downs, and hope for the future”

The Search for Lana

After putting it off for many many years, I took a leap and self-published an ebook at Smashwords. The Search for Lana, the first of the Lunegosse series is now officially available for purchase. Please check it out, and if you don’t think you’re interested in it, share it with someone who might be. JustContinue reading “The Search for Lana”

Food is no longer the enemy

Food has always played a big part in my life. Growing up breakfast was a huge deal. No one left the house without eating breakfast. Cereal, toast, or porridge on a weekday, cooked breakfast on a Saturday and whatever we fancied on a Sunday, but we had to eat it. Lunchboxes came home empty ifContinue reading “Food is no longer the enemy”

Transgender Day of Remembrance 

Today will always be a hard one to get through for those of us not on the gender binary. We are reminded of those like us who have been lost to violence (physical and emotional) that has come from a society that just doesn’t understand that gender is emotional/psychological and sex is physical. Whether FTM,Continue reading “Transgender Day of Remembrance “