Selfish or just in need of some comfort?

The nights are drawing in, it’s getting cold (if you’re in Yorkshire like me seriously cold) and coming home to an empty flat is getting harder to deal with.  As is the fact I’m unable to join my friends at an event that means so much to so many of us in just a coupleContinue reading “Selfish or just in need of some comfort?”

Tattoo or not to tattoo that is the question

I was reading an article on the The Telegraph website earlier today about HMV banning visible tattoos and piercings for their store staff and the discussion it sparked in the comments section.  Most of the comments moved from the unification of staff appearance to the topic of body modification being a past time of layabouts, thugs andContinue reading “Tattoo or not to tattoo that is the question”

The problem with depression

Depression can be caused by many things, hormone imbalances, the lack of daylight hours in winter, illness, an experience such as physical and emotional loss.  But the problem is unless you’ve ever experienced it, you don’t understand the enormity of the situation. Warning: under the cut you may find triggers and uncomfortable reminders.

What if everything you had ever believed, everything you’d ever known was a lie?

I found out some things recently that for a week or so coloured my view of certain person.  What those things are and who that person is, I can’t reveal, because it would break a trust that I do not want to lose.  But it hurt.  It put me in a position of wondering howContinue reading “What if everything you had ever believed, everything you’d ever known was a lie?”

The problem with reading Jodi Picoult’s books

I love Jodi Picoult’s books. In fact I can rave about them and the way that she creates such a sense of being there with the characters until I am blue in the face.  I love her work so much I went to the book signing for Sing You Home in Manchester and couldn’t stopContinue reading “The problem with reading Jodi Picoult’s books”

September brings Autumn

My Summer holiday is officially over. I am back in the real world and today was back at work.  Coming home from 2 weeks in the hot climes of Alabama and Georgia back to British weather is always a bit of a downer, but today, even with the showers, I can say for certain IContinue reading “September brings Autumn”