Travelling as an Aspie with other disabilities 

I love travelling. I love being somewhere with different sights. In that I’m not that different from my NT (neurotypical) sister. But I have a checklist that relates to my Aspie nature as well as my Arthritis, my Irlen Syndrome, my PTSD, my Asthma, and my Endometriosis that others wouldn’t even think about. If I’mContinue reading “Travelling as an Aspie with other disabilities¬†“

Meltdown – a poem

Wanting to crawl out of my skin, Creatures move as anxiety sets in. Doubts rush through my head, It’s the frustration that I dread. Vocal chords and brain detach, Can’t find the key to open the latch. Lights are too bright to see, Sounds seem to deafen me. Hard to explain to an NT, HowContinue reading “Meltdown – a poem”

2015 -ups, downs, and hope for the future

2015 has given me family time that was much wanted and needed. It has given me a new job, allowed me to escape from a crushing and crumbling workplace. I saw people I love dearly, and finished writing a screenplay, and published my first ebook.  My darling AH has started on a path that willContinue reading “2015 -ups, downs, and hope for the future”

Thankful Thursday

Thanksgiving is not a UK holiday, it’s one that other nations celebrate, but as the hype around the American one builds (it’s also my American other half’s birthday this year). I’m focusing on the things I’m thankful for. – I’m thankful for the love of a woman who is still with me after eight andContinue reading “Thankful Thursday”

An open letter about Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

Another open letter, I seem to be writing them a lot lately, but anyway here goes. There have been posts on my social media feeds recently from people I consider friends, that have left me with a bitter tate in my mouth. I want to say now that I once had similar opinions to thoseContinue reading “An open letter about Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)”

One of those days?

When I woke this morning, I could just tell it was going to be one of those days. You know, the ones where absolutely nothing goes right. I woke with the sinus headache that sent me to bed at 8pm last night, somehow, despite following my normal routine I was five minutes late in leaving homeContinue reading “One of those days?”

To all who say they are sick of hearing about Caitlyn Jenner coming out…

I will never be sick of hearing about Caitlyn choosing to show the world who she is. I will never stop wanting to applaud her or those like her (see two of my personal heroes, Laverne Cox and Janet Mock), who have chosen to say “This is me, this is who I am.” I personallyContinue reading “To all who say they are sick of hearing about Caitlyn Jenner coming out…”

The tie that can’t be severed…

Even on my darkest days, when my monster convinces me that nothing I know to be true is real, when it has me believing that she doesn’t care, my heart still manages to persuade me to talk to her. Even when it’s scared that the monster is right. Yesterday the monster had me completely convincedContinue reading “The tie that can’t be severed…”

How do you cope with particularly difficult days?

I’m not going to tame this post. It’s not going to be something fluffy and sweet, what is below the cut may trigger people. But I need to get it out, so it may be a post you want to skip by. Trust me on this, I could just skip writing it but that ain’tContinue reading “How do you cope with particularly difficult days?”