Just because I’m in pain doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy life

I had a chat with my sister this evening that I want to share with you all. It’s an important one I think that every person with any form of chronic pain needs to have at some point. And it’s to do with how we perceive our place in the world and our abilities toContinue reading “Just because I’m in pain doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy life”

When you can’t understand that you are part of the problem – or how Mayim Bialik and her defenders are defending rape culture.

It’s Sunday. I was looking forward to a nice coffee, a few hours spent watching lazy Sunday afternoon movies, and catching up with the women in my online disability groups. We grumble about aches and pains, talk about daily life, and suggest products and things that will help each other. Instead I’m shoulder deep inContinue reading “When you can’t understand that you are part of the problem – or how Mayim Bialik and her defenders are defending rape culture.”

Consent in a non-consent world

At 35, I’m pretty much settled on the basics of what I do and do not like in life. I love hot chocolate made with coconut milk on cold winter days (especially when laced with marshmallows), long hot baths that ease my fibromyalgia, curling up with my sister for a Netflix binge of one ofContinue reading “Consent in a non-consent world”

Who’s the F***ing Snowflake?

A rundown of the past week: I posted about my past and lost a friend of 17 years who thought it was more important for me to do something they wanted me to do than that I finally felt able to say ‘This is me, this is why I have PTSD.’ Only a few monthsContinue reading “Who’s the F***ing Snowflake?”

‘Suck it up Buttercup’ is not how I approach my health.

My mum used to tell me that I was born fighting. That this little 6lb 12oz bundle of flesh that was literally blue from the waist down due to a coarctation of the aorta was not going to let anything stop them. I could scream with the best of them, and I was going to make that known. It would take an hour and a half to give me my bottle and approximately fifteen minutes for most of it to come back up. In 1982, not a lot was known about allergies to formula and or breast milk apparently. Nowadays I would have been put on some lactose free alternative.

The post I hadn’t dared to write – or my life as an abuse survivor

This is the post that a lot of people are going to stare at and look at in confusion. It’s the post that will get a reaction from people who knew me growing up more than people who know me now. It’s one I didn’t think I would ever be ready to post and IContinue reading “The post I hadn’t dared to write – or my life as an abuse survivor”

Why I refuse to hide the reality of my health from my social media accounts

As an indie author, I’ve been asked why I don’t keep my health separate from my work. Why I choose to talk about it so openly on twitter, on my personal facebook, and on my blog. Here’s the reason: I CAN. It’s really that simple. There are thousands of people, actually, millions of people, outContinue reading “Why I refuse to hide the reality of my health from my social media accounts”

My disabilities don’t make me an inspiration

There are days when I just want to scream at people to back the frak off. Days where I wish I didn’t hear the words ‘you are an inspiration to me.’ I’m not an inspiration. I’m me. I’ve had several of my disabilities since I was born, a couple for as long as I canContinue reading “My disabilities don’t make me an inspiration”

What about when the doctors just don’t know?

On top of my usual issues with disabilities and health, the past few months have been agony beyond all other agony. My hips, thighs, calves, and lower back are causing me untold pain. I’m over it. I can’t handle it any longer, and I’m sick of not getting to the bottom of it. My doctorContinue reading “What about when the doctors just don’t know?”

Asperger’s and addiction

Over the past couple of years I’ve been ridding myself of the harmful behaviours and practices that I’ve let become a part of my stimming and my meltdown management. It’s been an interesting ride and I’m not quite there yet.  Here is a list of the things I’ve accomplished: No more scratching until I’m bleedingContinue reading “Asperger’s and addiction”