A catch up on the life of Scribblenubbin

So I haven’t updated in a while. And I keep meaning to but I’m so completely and utterly behind in everything. This past week I’ve been getting home and working on my latest project which, quite frankly has taken over my life thanks to support and encouragement from someone I did not expect it from.Continue reading “A catch up on the life of Scribblenubbin”

3 Cheeky Chimps has launched

Together with my friends, Az and Jess, I am pleased to announce that we are launching a fundraising group called 3 Cheeky Chimps. The purpose of the group is to raise funds for The C3 Foundation. I’ve spoken with Claudia about it and she’s happy for us to go ahead, and so we’ll be puttingContinue reading “3 Cheeky Chimps has launched”

Conventions, friends, Irlen’s and One Little Pill

This weekend I went to LFCC (London Film and Comic Con). And as is often the case, I was working for RG and TG. I love working for them as they’re warm, caring compassionate people with my sense of humour. I spend the weekend working with TG at the events I work for them andContinue reading “Conventions, friends, Irlen’s and One Little Pill”

One Little Pill

I posted a little while back about Claudia Christian’s Book, Babylon Confidential (you can check out the post here). And as you know (if you’re a regular reader), it brought to my attention a method for treating alcohol addiction called, The Sinclair Method. And also Claudia’s C Three Foundation.  Research has brought me to theContinue reading “One Little Pill”

Writing update

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated here on the writing. Guardian is currently still being edited, so no news on that front. Hope to have some soon though. Sadly sometimes things get in the way and that means they are slower than otherwise and I’m kinda ok with that. I really need to startContinue reading “Writing update”

Recognising the importance of LGBTQ people in the media

As anyone who knows me will know, one of my biggest happy times of the year is when I get to go to a Sci-Fi convention. I get to see old friends, make new ones and meet the people in the shows/behind the books that I love.  Even when a convention can people me outContinue reading “Recognising the importance of LGBTQ people in the media”

Calling all Liz Vassey, Christina Cox and Nikki & Nora fans – Nikki & Nora need your help

So if you belong to any section of Lesbian (or possibly even LGBTQ fandom) and you like Cop shows, you’ve probably no doubt heard of a show that didn’t even make it to air, called Nikki & Nora.  In fact you’re like many of the legion of fans the show has, you have found aContinue reading “Calling all Liz Vassey, Christina Cox and Nikki & Nora fans – Nikki & Nora need your help”

Snow Grey

Once Upon a Time has done it again. This week’s was another spectacularly Snow White heavy episode that quite frankly left the audience bored to tears for most of it.  We are constantly being bombarded with the ‘Charmings are good, Regina is not’ theme of the show and a heavy focus on that fact.  I,Continue reading “Snow Grey”

Sometimes goodbye is easier than hello

I had a friend whom I loved deeply.  He was like the other side of my Genderqueer self.  We would talk for hours and hours about things that seemed to only make sense to the two of us.  We would talk about time as a non-linear construct, past lives, gender identity, and all of itContinue reading “Sometimes goodbye is easier than hello”

Ming-Ming, Ming the Merciless and Ming-Na Wen

This post is rather random, but it’s a random thought thread that has been running through my head since about 4:30pm today.  That thought is the prevalence of the name ‘Ming’ in my 30.5 years on this Earth. It starts when I was a 2 week old baby back in 1982 and my Nana gave me twoContinue reading “Ming-Ming, Ming the Merciless and Ming-Na Wen”