Hathor Hosts – how a Goa’uld is making pandemic life easier

I know I say it every week on one platform or another, but Suanne Braun’s Hathor Hosts on Instagram live really is a bright spark in the turmoil of pandemic life right now. It’s something that I look forward to every week without fail and I honestly cannot believe we are three months in already.Continue reading “Hathor Hosts – how a Goa’uld is making pandemic life easier”

#StayTrueandStaunch – Fanatical About Fanatical

Whenever I decide to write a review about something I’ve been to see it’s usually with a hint of the fanboi in me. And sometimes I feel extremely guilty about that fact, but when it comes to Fanatical – A Sci-Fi Convention Musical I have no need to. It’s a musical that literally pulls at the heartContinue reading “#StayTrueandStaunch – Fanatical About Fanatical”

#Apologia – a true West End Gem

Occasionally you get an opportunity in life so rare that you have to grasp it by the neck and relish it with everything you’ve got. Yesterday was one such day. My sister and I travelled to London for various reasons and decided to stop by the TKTS booth on the off chance we could getContinue reading “#Apologia – a true West End Gem”

A letter to a childhood hero

I’m pretty sure this letter is going to end up with me getting a lot of abuse from a lot of different quarters, and you know what? Quite honestly, I don’t care. It’s taken a long time to mull over and honestly it’s been a long time coming. You’ll always have a place in myContinue reading “A letter to a childhood hero”

RIP Jerry Doyle… Sleep well now Mr Garibaldi

The world feels a little emptier today. The dust is settling and the reality is sinking in. Another of the Sci-Fi community’s heroes has gone beyond the rim. And he shall be missed by everyone whose lives he touched. Of course my thoughts go out to the friends and family he leaves behind first andContinue reading “RIP Jerry Doyle… Sleep well now Mr Garibaldi”

Sci-Fi, Queer Women, and the lack of our representation

In the past few days, my social media feeds have been full of anguished cries over the new Star Trek movie and the fact that Sulu is a aay man. Now if you know me, you know I’m a Trekker. I live for Sci-Fi, I breathe Sci-Fi, and I dream in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. ScienceContinue reading “Sci-Fi, Queer Women, and the lack of our representation”

Fandom – loves and hates

TL;DR: My bones are too damn tired to deal with the downside of fandom. I can, have, and will, shout from the rooftops over my fandoms. I will wave my flag of geekdom high and I will always be grateful for the friends, the family, and the inspiration I have received from fandom. Without severalContinue reading “Fandom – loves and hates”

“All I need is, one of you smiles, sunshine of your eyes…” Nikki & Nora Season 2!

So yesterday, New Years Eve, 2014, I woke up to a newsletter from tello which had me bouncing on the sofa. The kickstarter for season 2 of Nikki & Nora begins next month! If you know me, you know what this will mean when it comes to my bug up the backside, desperate need for moreContinue reading ““All I need is, one of you smiles, sunshine of your eyes…” Nikki & Nora Season 2!”

2014 – this year’s summary

This year has been memorable for several reasons. Some global, some not. There have been definitive landmarks for me and I know that some of them have paved the way for 2015. I’ll try to keep this concise, I’ll fail. Because this year has had a lot of different intertwining moments. So in no particularContinue reading “2014 – this year’s summary”

Babylon 5 will always have a place in my heart, a part of my soul

I finished another rewatch of Babylon 5 this morning. Well the series, I’ve still got Crusade and the films to rewatch, but I’m saving that for a little later today. When my eyes have stopped the steady torrent of tears that always occurs after watching the last two episodes.  This show, this wonderful show thatContinue reading “Babylon 5 will always have a place in my heart, a part of my soul”