The post I hadn’t dared to write – or my life as an abuse survivor

This is the post that a lot of people are going to stare at and look at in confusion. It’s the post that will get a reaction from people who knew me growing up more than people who know me now. It’s one I didn’t think I would ever be ready to post and IContinue reading “The post I hadn’t dared to write – or my life as an abuse survivor”

Dearest Maman, My Darling Mum,

61 isn’t that old. Not by today’s standards. In fact, for women, the age of retirement is no longer 60, it now matches the age of retirement for men. We often think that we have all the time in the world. And most of us don’t think of our own mortality until much later inContinue reading “Dearest Maman, My Darling Mum,”

Fifteen years still feels like yesterday

In 4 days your youngest child will turn 26. It will be the fifteenth birthday of his that you haven’t been there for. Today marks 15 years since you phoned me before the cinema and told me you felt unwell. You refused to let anyone call the on-call Doctor, you didn’t want a fuss. FifteenContinue reading “Fifteen years still feels like yesterday”

To all the non-birth mothers this Mothers’ Day weekend

The U.K. seems to have a different Mothers’ Day to the rest of the world but this applies to British mothers here too. I see the love in your eyes for your children, be they still under the age of eighteen, or grown adults. I see the way you feel each of their struggles andContinue reading “To all the non-birth mothers this Mothers’ Day weekend”

London, Easter 2016

A week away in London, a week of minor stressful moments, but overwhelmingly a week of reaffirming and making friendships, growing closer as sisters, and taking the time to see things normally missed in a long weekend away. This week has been amazing. My body has mostly behaved in regards to pain levels, I randomly metContinue reading “London, Easter 2016”

Grief with Asperger’s 

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I recently lost my Grandad. It’s been tough. Grandad was and is my first hero. He was the man who gave me a love of so many things and taught me about language. I still feel like I’m caught in some terrible dream. Everyone goes throughContinue reading “Grief with Asperger’s “

On my childhood best friend’s 35th birthday…

My darling Dizzy Frizzy Blonde, we’ve known each other over half our lives, scary thought, isn’t it? Mum always said you’d be my Linda (her childhood BFF) and she was right. We can go long periods without talking, but we always pick up exactly where we left off, and it feels like no time hasContinue reading “On my childhood best friend’s 35th birthday…”

For God Tells Me So….

I’ve been sat this morning watching a documentary on Netflix called “For God Tells Me So.” It’s about the division within American Christianity regarding the LGBTQ community. There are families who have changed their view because their child came out, a mother who lost her child because she didn’t accept her, and a family whoContinue reading “For God Tells Me So….”