Trapped inside emotion – an Aspie perspective on dealing with emotions

Emotions are confusing things for me. Big terrifying balls of confusion, even the happy ones. They feel like they are consuming me, and combine a particularly powerful one with external stimuli and I would really like to crawl out of my skin. When I get stuck inside an emotion, I become trapped in a cycleContinue reading “Trapped inside emotion – an Aspie perspective on dealing with emotions”

We need to stop making illness about gender – a.k.a I’m a boi with endo

Under my list of illnesses/disabilities, I mark endometriosis as being one of the most debilitating pain wise. I mean yes I’ve been pretty much out of action this past week thanks to vertigo, but that pales in comparison to the pain of a first full day of menstrual bleeding that chose this morning to kickContinue reading “We need to stop making illness about gender – a.k.a I’m a boi with endo”

Where things are 

I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotional crap lately and wading through it as best I can. But I’m coming out it the other side and things are looking brighter emotionally. I was able to keep a promise yesterday that even a year ago the reminder I got wouldn’t have been enough to stopContinue reading “Where things are “

Mental Health Check-In

Things are changing when it comes to my mental health. They are slow and gradual changes, but they are changes nonetheless. Things are taking a gradual move into the positive direction and I want to document that here on my blog. I’m not going to cut any corners in this post, so I suggest youContinue reading “Mental Health Check-In”

Spirituality when faced with anxiety

One of the things that gets pushed to the back of my mind when I’m anxious is spirituality. I’m generally a quite spiritual person but when my anxiety has been as it is lately it gets pushed to the side by the all consuming darkness.  Momma reminded me recently of the power of prayer, mantras,Continue reading “Spirituality when faced with anxiety”

No these are not sunglasses – life with Irlen Syndrome

For the longest time I would see halos around people who were in bright light when I was in darkness. I would struggle with my peripheral vision and even on cloudy days the light outside was just too bright. Glare from cars reflecting the sun and white pages with black text on hurt my headContinue reading “No these are not sunglasses – life with Irlen Syndrome”