A gathering of B5ers

An online convention? Are you nuts? That was my first thought when other convention companies chose to start broadcasting convention panels in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Let’s be honest, part of the thing we all love about science fiction conventions is the interaction. The way we get to see each other all dressedContinue reading “A gathering of B5ers”

#StayTrueandStaunch – Fanatical About Fanatical

Whenever I decide to write a review about something I’ve been to see it’s usually with a hint of the fanboi in me. And sometimes I feel extremely guilty about that fact, but when it comes to Fanatical – A Sci-Fi Convention Musical I have no need to. It’s a musical that literally pulls at the heartContinue reading “#StayTrueandStaunch – Fanatical About Fanatical”

Time for fandom to grow up 

Seriously people, convention guests cancel. Be it because of work commitments or personal reasons. These things happen. No convention ever says a guest is guaranteed because they are often booked months in advance and contracts are written so that guests can pull out if need be. A con is great for the fans but doesn’tContinue reading “Time for fandom to grow up “

There is only one Zhaan

I will always have a soft spot for the blue lady of Farscape. As will a lot of people I know. We giggle like schoolgirls when watching Zhaan’s photosynthetic reaction to the sun…. And I won’t deny a few of us may wish we were that sun. For many of my tribe, Zhaan was theContinue reading “There is only one Zhaan”

A catch up on the life of Scribblenubbin

So I haven’t updated in a while. And I keep meaning to but I’m so completely and utterly behind in everything. This past week I’ve been getting home and working on my latest project which, quite frankly has taken over my life thanks to support and encouragement from someone I did not expect it from.Continue reading “A catch up on the life of Scribblenubbin”

Conventions, friends, Irlen’s and One Little Pill

This weekend I went to LFCC (London Film and Comic Con). And as is often the case, I was working for RG and TG. I love working for them as they’re warm, caring compassionate people with my sense of humour. I spend the weekend working with TG at the events I work for them andContinue reading “Conventions, friends, Irlen’s and One Little Pill”

Recognising the importance of LGBTQ people in the media

As anyone who knows me will know, one of my biggest happy times of the year is when I get to go to a Sci-Fi convention. I get to see old friends, make new ones and meet the people in the shows/behind the books that I love.  Even when a convention can people me outContinue reading “Recognising the importance of LGBTQ people in the media”

Suanne Braun, Nicole deBoer and Neve McIntosh or I love the women of sci fi and the actors behind the characters

I am a geek, there’s no denying it. There’s no denying my past or my sexuality either. Growing up there weren’t really any lesbian characters on my screen (with the exception of Bad Girls) so I turned to Sci Fi television and any books I could to find strong women to look up to, Stargate,Continue reading “Suanne Braun, Nicole deBoer and Neve McIntosh or I love the women of sci fi and the actors behind the characters”

A weekend of chaos and yet of fun

My poor blog has been a little more than ignored since I’ve been in the US and so a post now should at least remedy that a little.  This past weekend I was at Dragon*Con with my fiancee and our friend J.  I’m not even going to attempt to chronologically order things but I amContinue reading “A weekend of chaos and yet of fun”