To sleep perchance to dream

Last night I had another dream involving the person I admire who was the angel in the other dream I blogged about.  And again it was wonderfully comforting. We were in a living room with a comfy battered blue sofa and overstuffed bookcases and were sat on the floor.  She held me so that myContinue reading “To sleep perchance to dream”

A huge ‘Thank you’ to Lana Parrilla from this Evil Regal

After yesterday’s post about the harsh realities for some of us who choose to come out, today is filled with a ray of sunshine. Sitting waiting for my hospital appointment this morning, a tweet arrived on my phone.  I open it up and there’s an image linked.  Open the image and this is what I see:Continue reading “A huge ‘Thank you’ to Lana Parrilla from this Evil Regal”