Hathor Hosts – how a Goa’uld is making pandemic life easier

I know I say it every week on one platform or another, but Suanne Braun’s Hathor Hosts on Instagram live really is a bright spark in the turmoil of pandemic life right now. It’s something that I look forward to every week without fail and I honestly cannot believe we are three months in already.

This pandemic has been a trial in many ways for many people. It has brought a lot of stress and a lot of issues. The latest for me is a housing crisis and the need to move somewhere wheelchair accessible with my two rats and two hamsters in a very short period of time. Something I am currently trying to resolve and not lose my marbles over. But the constant in all of this has been the relief from an hour (or sometimes more) of escapism provided by Suanne and her guest of the week.

The interviews are well planned and the research that goes into them is incredible. The rapport she has with each of her guests is sublime (can Netflix pick this show up please because I can tell you now it has an audience), and each week we find ourselves learning something about the people we admire and laughing so hard it feels as though we might topple over.

My favourite interviews so far, to mention but a few (and it’s hard to choose just a few) have been the giggle fest that was the episode with Amanda Tapping, the informative and yet hilarious conversation with Claudia Christian, the sincerity and profundity of the interview with Nathalie Boltt, and last night’s battle of the Goa’uld with Jacqueline Samuda. A special mention has to go out to the interview with David Blue, though. Because despite immense technical difficulties, and having to switch platforms to twitch, the two soldiered on and the interview is a beauty to behold.

Suanne is an incredibly charismatic, witty, and talented interviewer. Her talent for putting the interviewee at ease is clear to see. She is always attentive and courteous during the interviews. There’s also this element of her being representative of every fan watching, the appreciation for her guests so clear in her words and facial expressions.

I cannot wait for what next week brings!

(Thanks to the work and help of my dear friend, Kathrin, the videos are also available on Suanne’s YouTube as well so you can catch up too.)

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