Practicing Peaceful Empowerment with Pat Through Meditation

– or learning to ask the universe and yourself for answers to those tougher questions

If you know me, you know that my approach to life is holistic. That I attack things from all corners and as my sister in Germany said to me today, I persevere. I don’t give up, and I succeed in the long run. I like to call that tenacity. But what you might not know unless you really know me is that it’s not always that easy. Especially when my brain screams “Squirrel” every five minutes or so.

I ’ve tried meditation in many guises. On my own, guided, just mindful breathing. All with varying levels of success until I stumbled into a free class a while back that Patricia Tallman was giving. Suddenly meditation opened its doors to me in a way that it never had before. And today, I entered her webinar with joy in my heart and that playful energy she asks us to have at each of her sessions. Because I know that it works.

Pat might not be the person you think of when you think “meditation coach”. In fact if you’re reading my blog, it’s more than likely that you know her as Lyta Alexander from Babylon 5, one or a myriad of Star Trek characters, or for her incredible stunt work. But in part, both of these things make her perfect in this role. She relates to people. She’s not afraid to show her geeky side, she is honest with the path she’s been on, and unlike other coaches, she isn’t afraid to drop the occasional f bomb.

Pat’s guidance is open, honest, and truthful. She talks about where she came from, about what she gets from meditation, how she came to her own practice. She uses phrases that are relatable like “sleeping puppy dogs.” There’s nothing trite or difficult to understand. And for someone like me with ADHD and that brain that tends to scream “squirrel!” Pat reminds us that it’s natural for our thoughts to wander… it’s how we react when they do that is important. That in itself was a huge breakthrough for me. The lack of guilt attached to wandering thoughts.

I could go into huge detail about Pat’s particular coaching process, about how it’s refreshing to find a meditation coach who shares similar beliefs with me about certain things (I will never say the same beliefs because everyone has their own mind and believes something slightly different), but then I would be giving away some of the incredible wisdom that this wonderful woman imparts. And it’s her job to share that with you, not mine.

One thing I will say, is it doesn’t matter how many times I attend one of her webinars or classes, how many times I hear her cover certain areas, each time I come away learning something new about the process, the universe, and myself. To quote Ambassador Delenn, as Pat did today:

We are star stuff, we are the universe made manifest…

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Disclaimer: all opinions here are my own. This isn’t a sponsored post/review.

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