Beware the healthy mommy blogger

So a friend posted that they’ve worked with Goop magazine recently. This has given me huge issues. I get that they were working with a particular friend who was featured in the magazine, but here’s the thing, Gwyneth Paltrow is a hack. Her website advocates crap like Autism Speaks without challenge. In articles such as this one:

It talks about chemical contamination from Teflon – science has shown us that in order to be contaminated by Teflon you’d need to be cooking at temperatures far higher than you should be and that you’d be using your cooking equipment really badly. You’d be burning all of your food. Articles like this are misleading:…/food-p…/what-we-need-to-know-about-pfoas/

Articles that recommend chelation of all damn things! Which by the way is harmful to the human body. Because apparently ‘heavy metal toxicity’ is a thing that we all need to watch out for and it causes things like chronic illness (apparently):…/what-to-know-about-heavy-metals/

Look guys I get it, we all need to work. We all need money, and we will all do anything for our friends. But when we sell ourselves short, and when we sell out it really is disturbing. There are certain people who do more harm than good in this world with their views on things like vaccinations and autism, chelation, and bleach enemas. And inserting jade eggs in your vagina. Let’s not forget that Gwyneth and her team really aren’t doctors. They aren’t even trained alternative therapists, they’re mommy bloggers with a desire to push their lifestyles on the world.

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