Sometimes we put in more than we get out

It’s January, I have a release coming up in less than two months, I’m quite frankly, so busy, my blog has been neglected in favour of my newsletter (sign up in the footer). My journal and my meditation have gone to pot, and I’m still trying to submit to The Mighty, keep on top of my housework and social media, and do all those chores and tasks that seem unending like doctors appointments and sleep, not to mention find time to eat, so it’s no wonder that this blog entry has been written in the strangest of places…. including typed on my phone whilst in the bath or on the loo. This is how things get done in a busy home. Oh and I’m also helping my sister prepare for a business trip to India, so time is not exactly my friend right now.

I’ve realised something in the past few weeks though. Something I wanted to share with my readers, because I’ve also joined a group on Facebook designed to help those of us in it reach our goals with the support of others. It’s not exactly a support group, but it’s a friendly and daily reminder that things are possible, and together with events over the past couple of weeks, it’s reminded me of this: don’t expect others to help you the way you help them.

You can go out of your way to help them with things, because you love them and because you care for them, but it doesn’t mean they are willing or indeed able to do the same for you. By all means, continue to help them if that’s what you really want to do, but expect nothing back in return. Don’t make your support conditional, and don’t expect people to be of the same heart as you are.

Also it’s okay to say no. You don’t have to put yourself on the line for others because they ask you for something. If you’re busy and your schedule is full then it really is okay to say no. They may not like it, especially if you’ve always said yes in the past, but you need to come first. And with that in mind, it’s time for me to put the dinner on and then get back to the housework. The list of things to do is currently never ending.

Oh and that book release I mentioned? Come join me on my Facebook page on the big day! 3/3/18! You can head over there now and join the event!

(Images by Jessica Rens Photography)

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