So this is Christmas….

…. almost. This year seems to have flown by in a flurry of activity that has been never ending. There’s been a tonne of stress and bodily pain and dealing with a lot of things I really wish I hadn’t had to. But overall I’m ending 2017 with a grateful heart. An exceptionally grateful heart. Things have changed this year, a lot, and actually whilst they were scary, I think overall they were worth it.

  • I started this year with a decision that was ultimately life changing. But it meant that I was choosing to focus on my health, my diagnoses, and my ability to look after myself. My relationship of ten years ended. It was a tough decision. I’m not going to deny it. But it was something that ultimately needed to happen in order for me to focus on understanding myself as I now am.
  • I spent an amazing few days in Telford with the FCD lot. Made new friends, reconnected with old ones, and began to realise just how loved I am.
  • I spent an amazing few days with my two favourite people in Edinburgh. That trip was life altering in so many different ways, and it left me with a deeper understanding of myself and my relationships with both of them. I also made a new friendship with someone who is as nuts about hamsters as I am.
  • I met Christin Baker in person. This amazing woman is the power behind Tello Films, she is a powerhouse and one of my inspirations. To sit and have brunch with her and discuss Riley Parra and other things was just amazing. And to be treated as human and not someone in a chair was beyond fabulous. Not that I expected anything less.
  • Being able to support my wonderful Geonn Cannon as Riley went live on Tello and connecting with Marem Hassler was beyond beautiful. She is the perfect Riley. And I desperately encourage everyone to donate in the last few days of the season two crowdfunding so that we get to see the next instalment!
  • Seeing Stockard Channing perform in London was a last minute, crazy, day whirlwind of an experience, and damn if I am not still recovering from that. To see her in all her formidable force on stage was just beyond epic. There are no words for that night.
  • Being given a second hand laptop by a dear friend to replace my falling apart one was a huge plus. It’s enabling me to keep on writing.
  • Sitting in Citizen M in Tower Hill working on The Stolen Generation was amazing.
  • Consistently being published by The Mighty shows me my voice is being heard.
  • Being reminded randomly by the most random people that I’m loved and appreciated is beyond special.
  • And fundraising for C3 Foundation and trying to help them win the Newman’s Own Foundation Holiday Challenge on CrowdRise, has once again reminded me just how amazing people can be. You can donate to my Team C3 Page here.

This year has been amazing. If I could give shout outs to everyone who has made it so I would. But you all know who you are. Instead I’ll say this to just a few:

J – I’d be lost without you. You make every day so much easier and help me with so much.

MC – not your real initials but you know who you are. I look forward to our next adventure, and I’m so fucking grateful for the one we’ve had this year.

G – you’ll always be my platonic hubby. I love you.

JH – you’re my best friend, my sister, my guru. You mean the world to me.

SD – you blew me away when you sent me that PM.

DH – I love you too. Always. We neurodiverse thesaurus swallowers have to gel.

NLM – thank you for the book discussions and the ongoing support.

KitS- you’ve been a stalwart support as always, and you mean so damn much to me. We need to find a way to meet up soon.

KBS – where would I be without my sister in feminist fannish arms?

KazS – I’m so glad we’ve had the time to text this year. I love you.

To all I’ve met through The B Cup – I FUCKING LOVE YOU!

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