#RileyParra Season 1 Episode 1 goes live on Tello

One episode into Riley Parra on tello and I’m already desperate for episode two. I’ve read the books so I already had my own take on the characters, but this show means a lot to me. Actually it means a LOT to me. And seeing the first episode so well executed actually had tears in my eyes.

You see the author of the books, and the screenplay writer, Geonn Cannon, has been in my life for well over a decade. Geonn is one of my closest friends and I can and do tell him anything. I can officially say I knew this man way back when and I am so proud of him that my heart is swelling. I’ve seen him go from a tentative “do I have what it takes?” writer, to a well respected author and now screenwriter. And he’s still just as loyal, humble, and sweet as he always was.

Seeing Marem Hassler and Liz Vassey bring the titular Detective Riley Parra and Medical Examiner, Dr. Gillian Hunt to life just about broke me tonight. The chemistry between them in this first webisode was so strong and so perfect I just couldn’t help but go all googly eyed. They are everything that as a reader of the books I could ask for, and more. I actually texted Geonn to tell him that they got me shipping the characters quicker than he did in the books with that crazy chemistry.

If you don’t have a tello subscription I highly recommend getting one. This supernatural detective show is only going to get better.

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