Who’s the F***ing Snowflake?

A rundown of the past week:

  • I posted about my past and lost a friend of 17 years who thought it was more important for me to do something they wanted me to do than that I finally felt able to say ‘This is me, this is why I have PTSD.’ Only a few months ago that would have made me crawl back into bed and sob. Instead I chose to look after myself and protect my well being. They called me bitter and twisted, and yet, my social media feeds have shared photos of puppies, kittens, flowers to cheer people up, uplifting news, and only on occasion rants and grumbles (my blog is my blog is my blog).
  • I’ve had people bash into my wheelchair with buggies (3 out of 6 that went past whilst I was enjoying my lunch the other day), and had a woman purposefully slam her crutch int my chair. There was enough room to get two buggies past me at the same time, but apparently they all think they a) have the right of way, and b) can’t drive the pushchairs/navigate with walking implements very well and I’d hate to see any of them drive. Not an apology from any of them. One woman on two crutches (clearly a long term user as hers were red and not standard hospital issue) told  the other crutch user off and the scowl she got in return was incredible. It’s really amazing the amount of empathy for others that seems to have been misplaced these days.
  • Faced bullying online by someone I don’t even know today. Oh that’s been fun. I love having it made out that I’m faking my pain levels and don’t have a real illness. I also love having my photos stolen and badly blurred out. I could have cried, I could have blocked and tried to forget… nope. I sent out a rallying call. One that I continue to send. Please if you can, click the link, report the guy to instagram for bullying and harassment. I can handle being picked on but there are others that can’t. I’m lucky he chose me. I have a community who will support me and help me to get his post and him removed. He’s anti everything we believe in guys, girls, and non-binary peeps. And he and his Republican Trump following friends are soooooooo hurt by the fact that me and mine aren’t letting him get away with it.


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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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