I’ve tried this before, but I’m throwing it out there again. And this time I’m going to throw some dates out there too. I would like some help and I would like to get my books, and this time my Redbubble accounts, out across the Internet. I want people to know that my social media accounts exist, and I’d like people to help me promote my work. In return, I’ll give you shout outs with your social media, I’ll help you to promote your creative endeavours, and I’ll run book reviews/site reviews for you.

Here’s what I’m currently looking for:

People to review The Search for Lana and The Journey Home – reviewers can review one or both of these books and will be provided with ebook formats to be able to do so.

Blurbs for the above books as well. Again ebook formats will be provided.

I’d like reviews and blurbs for these no later than the end of May. Reviews should be posted to Amazon, Smashwords, and any other online retailer you use where the books are available, I can provide you with links if you request them. Blurbs should be emailed directly to me.

Later this year I’ll be looking for reviewers and blurbs for The Stolen Generation, if you want to sign up for that, please let me know and I’ll email you your copy nearer the time with dates I need the review or blurb by.

For the Redbubble sites, one is the merchandise site for my books, and the other is more general designs. I’m looking for people who are willing to help me share them across social media and spread the word, helping me to get them out there (and hopefully earn a little bit of money from them). I’d also appreciate it if you could do the same with my author pages on Twitter and Facebook and help me advertise my books with retweets and shares.

As I said earlier, I’m willing to provide like for like services for you too. Be that reviews or shares.

If you’re willing to help me, you can contact me by emailing me at nalebrunauthor@gmail.com

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A conundrum inside an enigma.

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