WANTED: Reviewers, donations, suggestions

It’s been a busy few months over here in writing land. My poor blog has been disgracefully forgotten, along with other things, and I’m determined to get back in a proper working schedule again (as soon as I’ve done the housework).


The Journey Home – Book 2 in The Lunegosse Tales is now available for purchase through Smashwords, Amazon, Create Space and others (in both paperback and ebook), and joins The Search for Lana. I’m thrilled that the second book is now available after a rocky start with printing and getting the formatting sorted. I’m currently looking for people willing to review both books and put their reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and any other booksite or blog that they would like to share them on. Please note that I am only looking for people who will actually do as they say and review the books, and within a short time frame. I had far too much of time wasted when I asked for reviews last time.


I’m still crowdfunding for next year’s book tour. And I’m only £100 away from announcing the first tour date! If I get that £100 and reach £500 by Christmas Eve, I’ll be doing a giveaway. But I need to get there first, so please please please, share the link, share the campaign and encourage others to donate, as well as donating yourselves.

And talking of the Book Tour. Please feel free to email me at nalebrunauthor@gmail.com with your suggestions for UK Sci Fi Cons I should bring my books too.

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