Exciting times coming!

My new book, The Journey Home, is due for release on 12th November. And I’ll be holding the launch party over on my Facebook page! I’m rather stressed, but to be honest not really a surprise. At that party I’ll also be launching my new merchandise store, which I’m sure a few of you eagle eyed readers may already have spotted in the menu of my site.

I’ve also launched my Patreon page! So come and support me over there and help me to produce more content for you.

And don’t forget that I’m still crowdfunding to raise money for my 2017 Book Tour over on GoFundMe.

It’s a very very busy time for this author, and I’m hoping that you’ll all continue to support me as I push forward with The Lunegosse Tales, start making strides towards my Book Tour and merchandising myself and my work.

Published by scribblenubbin

A conundrum inside an enigma.

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