Crowdfunding Progress Report and a little more….

Well,  the crowdfunding campaign for my 2017 Book Tour is currently doing well. The first £100 of the £4000 goal has been reached! And I’m thrilled to say that it’s slowly picking up traction.  There are (if I do say so myself) some awesome perks on offer. So please, share the link, and donate if you can.

I spoke earlier today on my Facebook about why this book tour is so important to me, and I realised that perhaps I should share it here to. 2017 is a landmark year for me. I turn 35 next year. Now, I know that that isn’t seen as a milestone by many, but for me it is. When I was born, I had a coarctation of the aorta that required a heart bypass. Doctors told my parents that even if I did live through the operation, they didn’t expect me to last beyond my fifth birthday. Well next year, I’ll have beaten their expectations by 30 years, and I’m looking to do several things to mark that, including the book tour. This is why you’ll find me pushing the campaign at every available opportunity. Next year is my 30th second birthday as it were.

I’m also busily preparing for the launch of The Journey Home (Book Two in The Lunegosse Tales), on 12th November over on my Facebook Page. For those who have already read book one, this book will be out in time for Christmas, ideal as a Christmas present. I’ll also be putting the ebook of The Search for Lana down to 99p/99c from 12th November until Christmas, so you can buy a loved one both books.

It’s a busy time over here in my study and I’m looking forward to sharing my first tour dates with you once more funds have been raised. I also hope to see you at the online book launch!


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